Roni’s Bagel Bakery

Roni's Bagel BakeryTo Larousse it’s a “small Jewish roll-with-a-hole”.

To me it’s Sunday afternoon at Aunty’s, late night munchies and pieces of smoked salmon stuck between my two front teeth.

I am writing of the bagel.

This Jewish delicacy is the subject of many arguments: is it a bagel or a beigel? Were they invented in Krakow, Vienna or New York?

Well I’m here to settle the argument about local London bagels.

Forget Brick Lane, forget Golders Green: the only place to get a bagel is Roni’s of West Hampstead.

When my cousin was pregnant I made regular trips to Brighton with the 20 or so bagels from Roni’s she required each month. (They freeze well.)

If I’m visiting friends for dinner anywhere in South East England, I take Roni’s bagels as presents.

Actress Gertrude Berg is reputed to have said: “The bagel is a lonely roll to eat all by yourself because in order for the true taste to come out you need your family.

“One to cut the bagels, one to toast them, one to put on the cream cheese and the lox, one to put them on the table and one to supervise.”

Well, you are never lonely with a bagel from Roni’s, made on site.

Especially one with a good schmear* of cream cheese from the same place.

A sesame bagel from Roni's, toasted and spread with cream cheese

Roni’s bagels harbour the two most cherished characteristics of this 16th century delight: a chewy crust and a pillowy soft interior.

Indeed, I have had the fortune of nearly breaking my teeth on a particularly well-caramelised and tasty bagel bottom, on a number of occasions.

They are the friendliest, most comforting bagels you can find this side of the Channel and, I’m willing to bet, anywhere. (I will be testing this theory enthusiastically when I go to Vienna in February and New York in May.)

But let me pause for a moment to tell you about the heart-stopping, in so many ways, cream cheese.

It’s the kind that is so full of fat, it is hard to spread straight from the fridge.

This cream cheese has never known deprivation.  It piles itself on your hips and invades your mouth with its rich, “zaftig”* goodness.

Let’s get down to brass tacks – I promised you reasonably-priced, so that’s what you’re going to get.

45p will buy you a plain bagel, it’ll cost 50p for the fancy onion, sesame and poppy seed ones.

Cream cheese is sold by weight in polystyrene cups, around £3 for a full cup.

Roni’s does also sell kosher biscuits, smoked salmon and alarmingly bright “macarons”, which explode into crispy shards with absolutely no flavour when you bite into them, but please don’t dwell on the extras…

I’m all about the bagel and cream cheese.

Info: Roni’s, 250 West End Lane , London , NW6 1LG , 020 7589 9080, nearest tube is West Hampstead

Tips: They stop baking the bagels at 3pm, so get in there before then if you want ’em fresh.

They sell bagels ready-filled with everything from the afore-mentioned cream cheese to salt beef and if you ask nicely they’ll toast them for you on the panini maker behind the till.

If you get there and can’t see any cream cheese for sale, don’t panic, they keep masses of it out the back.

PS Please feel free to argue with me in the comments.


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11 Responses to Roni’s Bagel Bakery

  1. wow it looks so good!
    your post made me crave for bagels so bad… i miss bagels and sunday morning brunches so so much. i’ve relocated to isreal over a year ago and did not fined a decent bagel place yet.
    it’s funny that bagels are a Jewish hit every where but not in isreal…

    i cant believe that a picture of a grate bagel made me home sick… i miss my family and some bagels with cream cheese and salmon…

  2. Tom says:

    I like Roni’s – quality foods & suppliers. Their smoked salmon is from L. Goldstein in Stanmore and it is absolutely superb. Mmm yes a bagel with cream cheese and some of that… lovely..

  3. Des brittain says:

    I’m sure the bagels at Ronis are tasty but they are too damned expensive!
    The all night bagel joint in Brick Lane is still the best, the freshest, (you can watch them being made) and by far the cheapest! Great fun too with all the clubbers after midnight.

  4. Absolutely the best bagels in London are at Roni’s – love the sesame bagels lightly toasted and buttered, yumm!

  5. alexandra says:

    Hi Mimi

    Loving the blog!
    You were indeed my bagel saviour, and I can vouch that Roni’s are certainly great, the best, mmmmm i’m not sure.
    Why can’t Brighton have a bagel bakery? lament.

  6. LDN Eats NYC says:

    Agreed ,Roni’s makes a good bagel, (I liked the poppy seed best when I was a regular) but Carmelli’s still rule the bagel world. You know I am no lover of Golders Green with its own version of the highway code, but if passing I have to take the opportunity.
    As for New York, forget about it, their bagels stink.
    As for Des, how can 50p be too expensive for anything handmade? Brick lane is good for soaking up the hangover before it comes and that’s about it.

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  9. SurferShack says:

    Roni’s bagels are the best. I buy here every time I am in London from the north of England (about three or four times a year) and take home and freeze. Then it’s smoked salmon on cream cheese toasted bagels – yum yum

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